Monica Harris, Cellebrite: Key Takeaways and Highlights from ILTACON 2023

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Extract from Monica Harris’s article “Key Takeaways and Highlights from ILTACON 2023”

In a world where the legal landscape is constantly evolving, ILTACON 2023 emerged as a beacon of insight and inspiration for legal professionals navigating the complex realm of emerging technology. This four-day educational conference brought together experts from law firms, legal departments and providers to share their experiences, strategies, and tools for addressing the challenges of the present and future. Let’s delve into the key takeaways from ILTACON 2023 that will empower legal professionals to embrace the ever-evolving world of legal technology.

Overcoming Disillusionment

Disillusionment often accompanies the introduction of emerging technology. Professionals may wait for these technologies to become ubiquitous in their daily lives, but ILTACON 2023 challenged this passive approach. The message was clear: waiting is not an option. Recent cases, including those involving the SEC and CFTC, highlighted the consequences of neglecting emerging technologies.

These technologies, such as chat data sources, are not passing trends. They are here to stay, and legal professionals must acknowledge and embrace them proactively. The motivation to do so can be found in the form of sanctions, fines, and regulatory actions. Waiting for technology to become unavoidable is no longer a viable strategy.

The Ultimate Goal of Technology

While the legal community often focuses on the challenges posed by emerging digital platforms, it’s vital not to lose sight of their fundamental purpose. The goal of any technology, including emerging tech, is to make our lives easier. ILTACON emphasized that as the volume of data collected for investigations and litigation continues to grow exponentially, we must adapt.

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