Monica Harris, Cellebrite: Relativity Fest 2023: Three Key Takeaways and Highlights

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Extract from Monica Harris’s article “Relativity Fest 2023: Three Key Takeaways and Highlights”

In the ever-evolving landscape of litigation technology, 2023 has been marked by significant developments that have left legal professionals and eDiscovery experts on the edge of their seats. From the integration of artificial intelligence into legal research to the increasing prevalence of short messages and collaboration tools in litigation, the legal world is undergoing a profound digital revolution.

Hundreds of professionals from the eDiscovery, legal, technology and compliance communities gathered at RelFest 2023 to explore faster and better ways of modern discovery and investigation. The annual conference, held in Chicago in September, challenged the attendees to rethink their eDiscovery methodologies and strategies with invaluable insights from industry leaders from around the globe.

Now, let’s delve into the top three key takeaways and valuable insights of RelFest 2023.

1. Embrace Short Message and Modern Data Challenges

During the conference, a unified theme emerged highlighting the evolving dynamics of eDiscovery in the age of continuous communication platforms. With the advent of short messages reshaping traditional review processes, there’s an urgent need for sophisticated technical solutions and five sessions addressed this challenge.

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