Nick Inglis, IPRO: Aligning Information Governance and eDiscovery

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Extract from Nick Inglis’s article “Aligning Information Governance and eDiscovery”

In my book Advancing from eDiscovery to Prediscovery, I provide a deep dive into the current state, process evaluation, and future state of Information Governance and eDiscovery, as well as how these disciplines can be aligned. 

In this third in a three-part blog series about the book, I will summarize the third section, focusing specifically on the future state of aligning these two disciplines. 

The future state for Information Governance and eDiscovery takes advantage of interdisciplinary bridges that may or may not exist today. If you’re starting anew at your organization, a great place to start is to start with your internal partnerships with information sub-disciplines, as the future of Information Governance and eDiscovery is going to be ever more powered by these connections.

In the book, I offer images of the professions, where Information Governance is at the left, eDiscovery at the right, with a gap between the disciplines that I label insights.

When you align the two, you start to identify a new pathway between the disciplines that can yield various insights into processes and data that you previously couldn’t capture.

For early adopters of this new alignment, both processes move a bit faster after efficacy and efficiency reengineering.

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