Relativity Explores Ethical AI and Unveils New Product Capabilities to Enhance Productivity at Relativity Fest London

Relativity highlights ethical AI, new product capabilities, and data privacy and security

CHICAGO, May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Relativity, a global legal and compliance technology company, today announced at its EMEA-focused annual conference, Relativity Fest London, several new product capabilities to enhance productivity in RelativityOne. The conference will showcase how Relativity is leveraging AI ethically, optimizing key workflows, and empowering customers to navigate the changing data privacy and security landscape.

Breaking Free from Bias with AI
Relativity remains steadfast in its commitment to deliver the cutting-edge solutions that will help its customers thrive in an increasingly dense and complex data landscape. It is investing in AI and machine learning technologies, advancing integration with Text IQ to deepen capabilities, and developing and cultivating the people and skills required to innovate on those technologies.

“We’re energized by the vast benefits of AI and the innovative ways in which our customers are leveraging it to solve key data challenges. We also recognize the risks of deploying AI without putting the proper safeguards in place, and it’s something we’re taking seriously,” said Mike Gamson, CEO of Relativity. “Optimizing the potential of AI will require deeply invested, highly skilled subject matter experts who recognize its benefits, clear the way for its adoption, and put guardrails in place to ensure that it’s used safely and ethically.”

The topic of ethical AI will be explored in further depth during the closing keynote session moderated by broadcast journalist Fiona Bruce, with Gamson, Text IQ CEO and Co-founder Apoorv Agarwal, and Text IQ COO and Co-founder Omar Haroun.

New Product Capabilities Built for Productivity
Relativity unveiled several key product updates across AI, key workflows and security and privacy at the event built to enhance productivity.

“The Relativity EMEA community is grappling with pressing challenges including evolving security and data privacy legislation, data increasing in volume and complexity, and an influx of requests for information,” said Chris Brown, Chief Product Officer at Relativity. “To meet these needs, we’re building an engine of innovation within Relativity, where we continually bring new product capabilities to market — particularly in the areas of AI and machine learning — that can dramatically improve our customers’ productivity in RelativityOne.”

Leveraging AI for Automatic Translation
Relativity will incorporate AI machine translation directly in RelativityOne. Out-of-the-box, users will be able to translate large batches of documents in more than 100 languages and 12,000 language combinations. Relativity is integrating Microsoft Translator Text API, part of Microsoft Cognitive Services, which returns some of the highest quality machine translation results in the original format of the document enabling a best-in-class review experience. An early access trial with select groups will kick off this month and will be refined for general availability later this year.

“Today, we struggle with the speed of third parties turning around translations,” said Raju Patel Associate Director, Digital Forensic Group at Grant Thornton. “Integrated machine translation will be well used by our team given the opportunity to save all this time and improve our efficiencies.”

Scaling the Value of Automated Workflows
On average, each RelativityOne customer using Automated Workflows has saved 164 hours and 5,780 clicks in just the past six months alone. These time savings enable RelativityOne customers to deliver improved business outcomes for their clients and stakeholders. For example, a law firm customer automating analytics reported seeing greater lawyer adoption of AI as a result. Additionally, a corporate customer that has made Automated Workflows a key part of their templates now feels empowered to bring more responsibility in-house.

To help further increase efficiency, Relativity is introducing parallel execution which will allow users to run multiple actions at the same level in their workflow at the same time. Additionally, Relativity will introduce a “Copy to Workspaces” feature, allowing users to easily create copies of their workflow across one or more workspaces. Soon, Relativity will also create opportunities for even more innovation by adding APIs for Automated Workflows that will enable users to build their own actions and triggers.

AI-Powered Sentiment Analysis
The AI-powered Sentiment Analysis feature is now in Advanced Access and will be available to RelativityOne users later this year. Sentiment Analysis will allow users to identify positive and negative sentiment in their data. The analysis is conducted on a sentence-by-sentence basis so that even if negative sentiment is buried within a longer conversation, users will not miss that key information.

“Sentiment Analysis enables us to look at our data from a new perspective, helps prioritize our review, and allows our teams to make smarter and more strategic decisions,” said Michallyn Demiter, eDiscovery Expert at Bayer. “Currently, we’re using Sentiment Analysis on a few of our internal investigations, but we’re already seeing the value and look forward to expanding use across other areas of the business.”

Continued Momentum with Collect
Over the past year, the number of Collect jobs has more than tripled. The types and number of platforms used to communicate and store data continue to expand, which is why Relativity is continuously adding new sources. Later this year, Relativity will add iManage, SharePoint, Smarsh and Enterprise Vault (for Relativity Trace) to its list of platforms users can collect data from.

Relativity will also extend data transfer capabilities to all users and enable easy data sharing with web-based tools. By end of year, users will be able to seamlessly upload, quickly create processing jobs, and easily share and export data – all while minimizing risk.

Management Console for RelativityOne is Now Available
Management Console for RelativityOne is now available globally. The Management Console provides better transparency and visibility within the cloud and has the power to boost productivity within the whole value chain with clear insights into a customer’s consumption and drive action to maximize value for its matters. Users can set clear expectations and do business across the ecosystem through slicing and dicing usage, exporting data for downstream billing workflows, and leveraging RelativityOne Data Tiers.

EMEA’s Security and Privacy Evolution
While technology advances with elements like AI and machine learning, two issues facing the region today are security and privacy. Organizations must not only stay up to date on security and privacy regulations and policies, but actively adjust protocols when regulations shift. Relativity offers its customers the ability to create customized and repeatable processes to comply with local privacy regulations all while keeping data secure.

“As data sovereignty concerns continue to rise, RelativityOne’s global availability allows organizations to securely operate where they need to, providing more data center locations to allow for compliance with local standards,” said Steve Couling, Managing Director and VP of Sales of EMEA at Relativity. “Our incredible global team is set up to ensure customers are properly supported from all ends of the security and data privacy spectrum.”

To further boost security capabilities for customers, earlier this year Relativity launched Security Alerts, a new threat monitoring, detection and response service. This service gives customers the ability to identify and resolve potential threats in a centralized location in real time. Relativity also provides automated redaction capabilities fully integrated in RelativityOne at no additional cost with Redact to help users protect personally identifiable information. Relativity is continuing to improve the Redact user experience with updates coming soon like, spreadsheet enhancements, façade redactions and Find + Redact allowing users to draw markups onto search hits.

There will be three sessions at Relativity Fest London with a data privacy focus:

  • Pull Up a Chair – Let’s Talk About Data Privacy: Relativity security and legal experts, Siân John, MBE, Director of Security Business Development and Strategic Growth at Microsoft, and Ashley Winton Partner at Mishcon de Reya will discuss how to handle the challenge of differentiated approaches to data protection around the world and the effects of these differences on data flows.
  • Data Privacy Is the New Data Security: Putting People at the Centre of Everything: In this special recording of the Security Sandbox podcast, live from Relativity Fest London, Amanda Fennell, Chief Security Officer and Chief Information Officer at Relativity will chat with Zachary Faruque, Director in Deloitte’s Cyber practice specializing in data privacy and protection on how to build a global-first data privacy program. 
  • Tackle Data Privacy and Sensitive Data Workflows in RelativityOne: Relativity’s AI experts will discuss how AI can help tackle the increasingly complex data privacy requirements that EMEA organizations face.

About Relativity 
Relativity makes software to help users organize data, discover the truth and act on it. Its SaaS product RelativityOne manages large volumes of data and quickly identifies key issues during litigation and internal investigations. The AI-powered communication surveillance product, Relativity Trace proactively detects regulatory misconduct like insider trading, collusion and other non-compliant behavior. Relativity has more than 300,000 users in approximately 40 countries serving thousands of organizations globally primarily in legal, financial services and government sectors, including the U.S. Department of Justice and 198 of the Am Law 200. Relativity has been named one of Chicago’s Top Workplaces by the Chicago Tribune for 10 consecutive years. Please contact Relativity at [email protected] or visit for more information. 

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