Nick Inglis, IPRO: What is Information Governance and How is it Implemented?

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Extract from Nick Inglis’s article “hat is Information Governance and How is it Implemented?”

In my book Advancing from eDiscovery to preDiscovery, I provide a deep dive into the current state, process evaluation, and future state of Information Governance and eDiscovery, as well as how these two disciplines can be aligned. 

In this first in a three-part blog series about the book, I will summarize the first section, focusing specifically on what Information Governance is and different ways of implementing it across an enterprise. 

To start off at a high level, Information Governance is the umbrella discipline that situates itself above all other information-related disciplines and aligns their efforts. But in this situating above other fields, some organizations have struggled at their Information Governance programs as it was challenging to situate a new domain with less maturity above multiple disciplines with solid maturity. 

Hence the need for a more detailed description of the discipline and why it’s needed.  

How is Information Governance defined across industries 

In 2010, Gartner analyst, Debra Logan, defined the term Information Governance. Since then, the term “Information Governance” and the newly formed underlying discipline have expanded rapidly.  

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