Onna: Best-of-breed vs. end-to-end: Which is right for your business?

Extract from Onna’s article “Best-of-breed vs. end-to-end: Which is right for your business?”

The fiery “best-of-breed vs. end-to-end” debate is one that is still ongoing. Previously, end-to-end solutions reigned supreme, as they offered various capabilities within a single platform. Today, many organizations are looking to custom technology stacks to provide expert solutions, flexibility, and control. But the question still remains: are organizations better served by committing to an end-to-end solution or by adopting a best-of-breed approach?

What are end-to-end solutions?

Often referred to as “all-in-one,” end-to-end solutions combine a host of tools and capabilities into one integrated system. The upsides to this approach include a single point for data collection, easier automation of workflows, one vendor relationship to manage, and greater visibility and control over organizational data. 

Although an end-to-end solution might sound appealing at the surface level, there are several downsides worth mentioning, including costly implementation, limited customization, and decreased functionality. After all, no individual system can be good at everything (more on this later). 

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