Onna eDiscovery In-place Preservation

Extract from Onna’s article “eDiscovery In-place Preservation”

The growth of cloud applications brings with it an increasingly complex challenge for IT and legal departments to execute efficient and consistent preservation across all platforms. With today’s distributed work environment, the necessity of creating seamless workflows that help prevent deletion and alteration of data, expedite the collection process, and save time managing multiple holds is more important than ever.

At Onna, we’re all about making work easier. With our newly launched Onna eDiscovery In-place Preservation for Slack and Google Vault, you can execute real-time preservations across collaboration, communication, and content applications through a single action from within Onna. 

Finding and managing the data you need is growing more difficult as digital content continues to spread across workplace applications and accounts. This is heightened even more due to the fact that data is constantly being created, moved, modified, and deleted.

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