Onna Expands Relationship with Google Cloud by Launching on Google Cloud Marketplace

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Extract from “Onna Expands Relationship with Google Cloud by Launching on Google Cloud Marketplace”

Today, we announced the availability of Onna on Google Cloud Marketplace. We also announced our ongoing investment in Google Workspace by adding Google Vault support to our Workspace connector. These exciting milestones not only demonstrate our commitment to simplifying data management but also strengthens our relationship with Google Cloud.

Over the years, Google Cloud has been our trusted cloud services provider, fostering seamless collaboration between corporate legal and IT teams. They’ve played a pivotal role in enabling us to scale and operate more efficiently, benefiting our valued customers. Recognizing the invaluable support Google Cloud offers to numerous organizations worldwide, we considered it the perfect marketplace for our launch.

As the pioneering eDiscovery solution on the marketplace, we recognize our role in educating legal communities about the benefits of cloud marketplaces and how they can partner with their IT teams to meet their business needs. We firmly believe that the partnership between legal and IT teams is already a cornerstone of proper information governance and eDiscovery. Engaging with cloud marketplaces provides an additional avenue for these teams to work together, potentially saving time and resources for their organizations.

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