Properly Preparing Your Team for a Dawn Raid

Extract from Kristen Wylie’s article “Properly Preparing Your Team for a Dawn Raid”

We have a few simple questions for you. If regulatory investigators showed up at your receptionist desk tomorrow, would your team know how to react? What questions would your receptionist ask? And who would he or she call? If you can’t confidently answer “yes” and name the specific individuals on your response team, an “unexpected visit” aka dawn raid could have devastating results to your organization.

Here’s the good news, this doesn’t have to be the case. The first key to success is understanding the importance of a response plan and taking the proper steps to put one in place. Establishing a response plan and preparing your team in advance can benefit your organization tremendously.  Yerra’s expert investigators who have experience with regulatory agencies, law enforcement, corporations and global consulting firms have created a Dawn Raid Infographic with the “must do’s” – before and when regulatory investigators show up. An unprepared team could experience panic and confusion resulting in inconsistent and unstructured reactions that lead to greater-than-necessary financial and reputational damage. Whereas, a team with a response plan will be prepared, structured, organized and consistent minimizing the detrimental effects as much as possible. Utilize our infographic guide to better understand why crafting a response plan is a necessity for every organization.

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