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Spotlight on the 2023 Relativity Fest Innovation Awards

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Where Innovation and E-Discovery Take Center Stage

The Nexus between ACEDS and Relativity Fest

Picture this: Chicago buzzing with innovation, the streets echoing with e-discovery insights, and the calendar marking September 26-28, 2023. Yes, we’re talking about Relativity Fest! And while this grand event is Relativity’s brainchild, ACEDS will be right there amongst the action supporting our long-time partner. We’ll have two sessions, a kiosk, and will be in the crowd cheering on its members and partners during the Innovation Awards.

As an association that shares a love for e-discovery innovation, ACEDS is thrilled to lend its support to Relativity Fest, making it even more special. Being partners with Relativity and watching our community members progress in e-discovery every year? Nothing short of magical!

Unraveling the Relativity Fest Innovation Awards

For those new to the scene, the Relativity Fest Innovation Awards are akin to the Oscars, but for e-discovery innovators and those leading in areas like DEI, mentorship, and our favorite category, education. It’s where we celebrate creative minds that have dared to challenge the norm and reshape the e-discovery landscape.

2023 Tech Category Nominees: The Innovators to Watch

While every category is buzzing, the tech category stands out with its list of future-centric innovations. Some of our partners to look for under Best Solution Provider nominees:

  • Athenagy™ by BDO
  • Epiq RelativityOne Insights Dashboard by Epiq
  • Protect Analytics AI for Relativity by HaystackID

And the individual category finalists include:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Richard Finkelman, Managing Director at Berkeley Research Group
  • Customer Experience: Adam Rubinger, Chief Client Experience Officer at HaystackID
  • Education and Mentorship: William Hamilton, Senior Legal Skills Professor, E-Discovery Project Director at the University of Florida Levin College of Law

Looking Back: ACEDS Leaders and Members Who Lit Up the Awards

Past Relativity Fests have seen ACEDS members and partners basking in the glory, proving that innovation knows no bounds, nor do the small everyday accomplishments that help our community improve leadership, education, and belonging!

From Lit Support All-Stars, Stellar Women, Tech Enthusiasts, Security Champions, and Inclusion, here are a few of our members who have previously received a Relativity Fest Innovation Award:

  • Ines Rubio, Security 2022 (Ireland Chapter)
  • Stephanie Clerkin, Stellar Women Winner 2019 (Kansas City/St. Louis Chapter)
  • Kenya Dixon, Stellar Women Winner 2020 (Advisory Board and DC Chapter)
  • Pavan Kotha, Lit Support All-Star Winner 2019 (Australia New Zealand Chapter)
  • Rachel McAdams, Lit Support All-Star Winner 2020 (UK Chapter)
  • Joy Murao, Stellar Women Winner 2018 (Advisory Board and LA Chapter)
  • Maribel Rivera, Inaugural Inclusion Breakthrough Winner 2020 (ACEDS Leadership)
  • Cristin Traylor, Attorney Tech Evangelist Winner 2018 (Affiliate Partner)

Wrapping Up: Embracing the Future of Innovation

The Relativity Fest Innovation Awards is more than just a ceremony; it’s a nod to the ever-evolving world of e-discovery. Here’s to the curious minds, innovators, and game-changers steering the future!

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Maribel Rivera
VP, Strategy and Client Engagement at ACEDS
As Vice President of Strategy and Client Engagement at ACEDS, Maribel is responsible for local chapter, membership, event management, and strategic partner engagement. A seasoned professional who has helped brands and businesses connect with their audiences and achieve their goals, her breadth of experience, strategic and creative abilities unlock innovation and bring business ideas to life. Prior to ACEDS, she consulted for a variety of private clients in technology, education, and recruiting, crafting and leading marketing and operations solutions for small and mid-sized companies. She also worked as director of sales operations for Fronteo USA Inc. An active member of Women in eDiscovery and ARMA Metro NYC, she also devotes time to charitable work. She speaks regularly on marketing and diversity and inclusion. When she isn’t working, Maribel enjoys traveling, reading, education and working out. Reach her at [email protected].

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