Technology Failure in the Courtroom is a Lawyer’s Worst Nightmare

Extract from Shannon Bales’ article “Technology Failure in the Courtroom is a Lawyer’s Worst Nightmare”

Imagine this scenario: A legal firm spends months, or even years, preparing a case for trial. They carefully review all relevant case law, analyze the fact pattern and familiarize themselves with every aspect of the case. The trial date arrives and they are confident.

But are they truly ready? Could they be overlooking a crucial aspect of preparation that would scuttle their entire presentation?

If they haven’t prepped their technology, they may very well be.

Vital Courtroom Tool
Trials occur in high-profile settings, often with media attention. When things go wrong, it can tarnish the reputation of an entire firm and cost the client the case.

Despite the boom in the use of technology (i.e. laptops, presentation software, etc.), its potential has been hindered by courtroom inefficiencies, an absence of internal policies and a lack of enforceable standards. Many large firms are missing internal guidelines for courtroom technology, leaving them and their reputation vulnerable to more technologically adept competitors.

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