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The ACEDS New England Chapter Welcomes Newest Board Member, Salomon B. Louis, Esq.

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The ACEDS New England Chapter Board is proud to announce the addition of Salomon B. Louis, Esq. as the Chapter Board Secretary. Salomon is currently an Information Risk Consultant and eDiscovery Program Owner in MassMutual’s Enterprise Cyber Security. In addition, Salomon teaches an eDiscovery course at Western New England University School of Law. 

Katie Winseck, a former MassMutual colleague, said “I’ve worked with Salomon in a number of capacities in the last several years.  As a student of mine, he excelled in eDiscovery Law at Western New England University.  So much so, that, I hired him as an intern and then a full-time employee upon graduation.  Most recently, he joined me in co-teaching eDiscovery Law last fall.  He is a bright and talented professional and I expect great things from him in this role and as he continues to broaden his horizons in his career.  My most sincere congratulations to him and the members of ACEDS, he will serve the organization well.”

Salomon brings years of corporate in-house eDiscovery process development and strategy, data management, and cyber security experience and expertise to our community. His enthusiasm, energy, and creative new ideas will assist the board as we work on new education programs and increasing chapter membership to new levels. 

We recently sat down with Salomon and asked him a few questions about himself and what he considers important for ACEDS members and non-members alike. 

How did you get involved in the legal industry, specifically with eDiscovery and cybersecurity?

It started in my last year of law school at Western New England University School of Law. That year, I took an eDiscovery course as I was interested in the impact emerging technologies had on the legal industry. My professor at the time, Katie Winseck, had an internship opportunity to get practical experience in the corporate setting. I applied, got the internship, and things took off from there. Katie’s team not only had eDiscovery practitioners, but also digital forensics investigators. For me, the latter was the gateway to interfacing with the cybersecurity organization where I currently work.

What led you to get involved in ACEDS?

I had great eDiscovery mentors from day one, and I wanted to continue connecting with people in the space that would add the same value. I also wanted to continue broadening my awareness on the ways eDiscovery processes and techniques were leveraged outside of traditional litigation. It is important for me to be involved in professional organizations that not only align with my career, but also meets my principles. ACEDS’ mission of creating a space that promotes idea sharing, education, and guidance on eDiscovery topics and related disciplines does both for me.

Why did you decide to get CEDS certified? Do you have any other certifications?

About a year after starting at MassMutual I began to strongly consider becoming CEDS certified. Even though I had taken a course in eDiscovery and was working in the space at MassMutual, I knew there was so much more to learn and understand. Especially being early in my career, I wanted to continue validating the things I knew. In speaking with others, they advised that having certifications from accredited organizations can be a boon to your advancement.

Has the CEDS Certification helped to advance your career?

It has tremendously. Having it gave me the confidence to pursue being the eDiscovery program owner. Now, it gives me the confidence in managing the program and developing strategies.

How has ACEDS Educational programs helped to further your eDiscovery and Data Security skills as they relate to work and teaching?

Webinars such as, “eDiscovery Considerations for New Slack Features & Functionalities” help me develop readiness plans for my program when new technologies are being rolled out. What I appreciate is the opportunity to learn current trends outside the context of a vendor sales pitch. Moreover, the educational programs help me stay current in conversations in my teaching with my class.

You teach eDiscovery to law students. Why do you feel it is important for law students to understand that area of the legal industry?

eDiscovery is only going to continue growing in importance as ESI grows. Having just a foundational level of understanding of eDiscovery will greatly aid students in being prepared for those crucial conversations, whether it is during a 26(f) conference or developing a legal hold strategy with IT and Information Governance as in-house counsel.

As the newest member of the ACEDS New England Chapter Board, what do you hope to achieve for the chapter and the ACEDS community as whole?

For the chapter, I hope to help it achieve increased membership and engagement. Ideally, one of the areas of opportunity would be getting increased engagement from law students, so we are determining ways to increase ACEDS exposure to that community. For the ACEDS community as a whole, I hope to be a valuable contributor. ACEDS has a global reach, so I can only imagine how nuanced the eDiscovery challenges are facing our members.

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