Robert Hilson, Logikcull: Burn Your Spreadsheets: Introducing *Free* Logikcull Legal Hold

Extract from Robert Hilson’s article “Burn Your Spreadsheets: Introducing Free Logikcull Legal Hold

Only one in six legal teams, according to the ACC’s most recent Global Legal Department Benchmarking Report, use technology to issue and track legal holds.

This is startling.

But also…hmm… not true.

Pretty much every legal department that has to deal with disputes and investigations (which is pretty much every legal department) uses technology to issue and track holds.

It’s just not *appropriate* technology. Not good technology. It’s instead email (sending technology) and spreadsheets (tracking technology). Off-the-shelf technology.


This is a scrappy approach. An admirable approach even. Hacking it is essential in this climate of constricting budgets, frozen headcounts and “do more with less.”

But it’s also, as of today, unnecessary. There’s a better way. Though, now, not a free-er one.

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