Victoria Langely, Logikcull: When and Why You Should Create a Redaction Log

Extract from Victoria Langely’s article “When and Why You Should Create a Redaction Log

Today, redactions are more important than ever. Given the massive amounts of data involved in discovery, it is imperative to protect sensitive information from unnecessary disclosure.

There have always been rules on when redactions are necessary. No one wants Social Security Numbers flying around for all to see. But now, it’s common for discoverable materials to contain all kinds of personal identifying information (PII) you want to keep private either to protect your company or consumers.

Redaction offers you security beyond a protection order. No one can leak information they don’t have. No one can steal it either. When you redact information, either by choice or obligation, a redaction log provides a clear record and explanation for your choices, which might be necessary for court.

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