Zapproved Fireside Chat With Monica: Our Journey to ZDiscovery

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Extract from Zapproved’s “Fireside Chat With Monica: Our Journey to ZDiscovery”

This April, Zapproved launched our ZDiscovery platform, which unites our industry-leading legal hold solution with our powerful processing and review engine to enable corporate legal teams to manage ediscovery more efficiently, cost-effectively, and confidently–and always with the built-in flexibility to bring in outside counsel for high risk and highly complex cases.

Recently, our CEO and Founder Monica Enand sat down with Mary Mack, CEO of EDRM, to give an inside look at Zapproved’s journey from legal holds to a full ediscovery platform. During their talk, Monica shared her perspective on how corporate ediscovery challenges will continue to evolve and how, drawing from deep expertise gained from over a decade of working closely with corporate legal customers, ZDiscovery was designed to handle them. In case you missed their chat, here are a few of our favorite key takeaways.

Focusing On Corporate Ediscovery
Back in 2008, Zapproved made an early strategic decision to focus on the challenges of corporate legal teams. This choice was made against the backdrop of a global financial crisis that totally reshaped the world economy, a crisis that forced Monica and Zapproved to hone how they might grow a successful business in such trying times.

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