Zapproved PREX21: Driving Ediscovery Innovation

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Extract from Zapproved’s article “PREX21: Driving Ediscovery Innovation”

PREX is more than a conference. It is a community. Since 2012, PREX has been the place for legal tech professionals to talk shop, connect with peers, and learn from each other. This year is no different, and while the event might be virtual, we will be offering tons of real-world insights into the world of corporate ediscovery.

Learning From Your Ediscovery Community
The community is the key reason to come to PREX, and the key reason people come back year after year. We offer so much more than just breakout sessions and keynotes. At its core, PREX is about introducing you to colleagues, whether they’re across town or across the country, who are navigating the same challenges and successes that you are. With the knowledge that our community drives us to constantly become better, who better to learn from than peers who are facing the same problems day in and day out.

Driving Ediscovery Innovation
PREX has always been and will always be about driving innovation. With technology changing so quickly, it can feel impossible to keep up. It’s critical to devote time to learning about new technologies, the legal ramifications of those technologies, and (of course) how teams are leveraging new technologies and ideas to achieve better outcomes.

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