Jeffrey Wolff, ZyLAB: 5 Essential Skills In-House Counsel Need for the Future

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Extract from Jeffrey Wolff’s article “5 Essential Skills In-House Counsel Need for the Future”

For many years, in-house counsel, also called corporate counsel, were hired based solely on their legal acumen. The only things that mattered were their length of practice and the breadth of that experience. But, in recent years, and especially with the rise of digitization, the role of lawyers in corporate legal departments has shifted. In-house counsel who want to excel can no longer rest on their expertise. In these disruptive times, in-house counsel need a new set of skills that enable them to serve as their clients’ trusted advisor. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the role of in-house counsel, including how that role has transitioned over time and how it differs from the role of attorneys in private practice. We’ll also discuss five key skills that in-house counsel should develop to ensure that they are well-prepared to serve their company in the future. 

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