Legaltech News: Tracking Generative AI: How Evolving AI Models Are Impacting Legal

Extract from Legaltech News’s article “Tracking Generative AI: How Evolving AI Models Are Impacting Legal”

In late 2022, commercially available generative artificial intelligence tools saw an exponential increase in sophistication and ability, taking the legal world by storm. As the underlying models continue to involve and improve, these tools will become more powerful—increasing both their applicability to legal work and their implications for existing law in the process.

Below is a digest of coverage of generative AI from Legaltech News and across ALM.

FTC Action Against Generative AI ‘Deception,’ ‘Unfair Practices’ Likely Only Matter of Time

By Cassandre Coyer

As generative AI-powered tools continue to blur the lines between reality and fiction with voice clones and hallucinations, the Federal Trade Commission is paying closer attention, warning against what could qualify as unfair or deceptive practices.

Ontra Launches Ontra Synapse, an AI-Powered Contract Negotiation and Management Solution

By Cassandre Coyer

Ontra Synapse is powered by Ontra’s proprietary large language models, which were trained on more than 800,000 agreements, Troy Pospisil, Ontra’s founder and CEO, told Legaltech News.

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