Rhys Dipshan: Outside Counsel Management Platform Persuit Announces ChatGPT-Powered ‘Proposal Analyzer’

Extract from Rhys Dipshan’s article “Outside Counsel Management Platform Persuit Announces ChatGPT-Powered ‘Proposal Analyzer’”

Outside counsel management platform Persuit has become the latest legal tech company to jump on the generative AI bandwagon. On Tuesday, the Melbourne, Australia-based company announced Persuit’s Proposal Analyzer, a new feature that leverages ChatGPT to summarize law firm RFP responses for legal departments, and analyze and compare responses to one another.

In an email, Persuit’s VP of product David Falstein and its VP of product growth Jordan Weinstein told Legaltech News that this new feature is currently in beta and it will rolled out to customers by mid-July

Falstein and Weinstein added that Proposal Analyzer “will be an opt-in feature for our clients as some organizations already have policies prohibiting the use of these newer technologies. No client data that we send to ChatGPT will be used to enhance their models or service offerings.”

A press release announcing the tool also noted that it is “the first in a series of enhancements,” and that Persuit “will soon leverage AI and ChatGPT to drive a more efficient process for in-house teams.”

“Our adoption of AI within the Persuit platform will help to accelerate our core mission of shifting the legal industry to value-based billing,” said Persuit CEO and founder Jim Delkousis in the release.

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