Onna: 7 Simple Ways You Can Strengthen Your Microsoft Teams Governance

Extract from Onna’s article “7 Simple Ways You Can Strengthen Your Microsoft Teams Governance”

Microsoft Teams has offered “a new way to work and learn for a new digital age” throughout the rollercoaster that is the pandemic. Bridging the gap between the office and the remote work environment, Teams enables users to meet, share ideas, and build connections in one platform, making it one of the most popular collaboration tools in the remote work era.

When it comes to the platform’s mass adoption, the numbers don’t lie. The software has grown exponentially, from 20 million daily active users (DAUs) in November 2019 to 44 million DAUs in March 2020 to 250 monthly active users in July 2021. As Microsoft plans to continue adding innovative features and integrations, there are no signs this growth will slow down.

But in the rush to adopt tools like Teams, many organizations lagged behind on one critical element: Microsoft Teams governance. As organizations continue to meet, collaborate, and automate their work on this platform, they must also consider how they can establish strong Microsoft Teams governance.

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