Victoria Hudgins, Legaltech News: In Tough Market, E-Discovery Providers Lean on Internal Hiring to Keep Pace

Extract from Victoria Hudgins’s article “In Tough Market, E-Discovery Providers Lean on Internal Hiring to Keep Pace”

E-discovery skills and experience are still hard to come by. But as e-discovery vendors battle to meet heightened work demand, organizations are relying on both external and internal recruitment to scout professionals with an interest—or at least a willingness—to explore specialized e-discovery roles.

To be sure, prior to recent upticks in demand, e-discovery vendors have previously provided internal training to employees to mitigate the small pool of specialized e-discovery candidates.

“Historically, there’s never been enough appropriately trained technologists and lawyers without building it internally,” said Alison Grounds, a Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders partner and managing partner of the firm’s e-discovery subsidiary eMerge. “We have to build those pipeline programs, otherwise we can’t find enough talent.”

Amit Dungarani, Casepoint’s partnerships and strategic initiatives vice president, noted the e-discovery and compliance company allows employees to explore internal training for various e-discovery roles. Such opportunities allow employees to further their career path and helps Casepoint avoid losing productivity with a new hire adjusting to the company, he said.

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